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Hey there. My name is Clara Fox. My name is Clara Fox. I’m an all-natural (naturally groomed as well!) babe in Tucson, Arizona-though I spend a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest as well. I’ve been described as a pin-up girl, with soft curves that evoke classic beauties of other eras.

I love making my clients feel I valued and cared for-good old-fashioned manners sure go a long way, and I appreciate when my clients act like gentlemen as well. Most of all, I value mutual respect: for each others’ time, for each others’ bodies, for each others’ personal tastes, fantasies, opinions, and so on. So lay back and be willing to receive total relaxation and full body sensual care.

I am college educated, articulate, motivated towards continual growth in both my professional and personal life. And yet, I march to the beat of my own drum: ever independent. You’ll see that I do have some tattoos, evidence of a little rebel in me. I’m like the girl next door with a devious streak. I tend to my body like the temple that it is: doing regular yoga, hiking, and cooking fresh, organic food are all important to me. I enjoy reading fantasy novels, historical fiction, and field guides for whatever locale I find myself in: I am a seasoned traveler and especially appreciate the wild beauty on this earth.

Don’t be intimidated by this wild beauty, I don’t bite (well, unless you want me to).

I do require all new friends to do a simple screening, as outlined on my website. Please check it out before contacting me. :)

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